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The COVID Patents

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If COVID-19 wasn't engineered in a lab, how come there are medical patents that prove otherwise?

Dr. David Martin reviews over twenty years of patent filings that not only shows what was patented, but also by who and when.

Ask yourself, what, who, when?

URGENT: Who is to Blame for COVID-19 and Variants?

Questions and answers about COVID, Experimental VAX, The VAX Passport and BIO Weapon:

Uncivil War - Awakening

In 2020, the WOKE movement had many in North America asking what has happened to my country and the world? The media, social media, big business and government were pushing for WOKE while the "COVID-19 pandemic" distracted. Hundreds of millions could not see the forest through the trees. They were not AWAKE to see the truth. An uncivil war was raging and had been in the making for many years.

What is Uncivil War?

Uncivil war is defined herein as domestic groups (beligerants) joining one or more foreign countries or groups to unseat the government. The unseating can be accomplished via election warfare, military coup and or domestic warefare with ongoing foreign support. The foreign support can be open or secret. History has shown that the CIA engaged and supported foreign wars and uncivil wars. What is less known is China's current Secret War.

Uncivil War - Collusion

KGB Plan: While the west played checkers, the Russians played chess.
They Tried To Warn Us (Lost Video From 1984)(360P).mp4 -AWAKE: it is not a game

Uncivil War - Bio-Warfare

COVID-19 Weapon: Fear sells. Fear distracts.
Dr. Ryan Cole - AWAKE, fear fear itself

United States Uncivil War

Domestic groups aligned and were influenced by USSR (Russia), but unlike the fake Russia collusion, this uncivil war collusion started decades ago by the KGB and in recent years by the CIA.

Dirty Tricks, the Swamp and the Whistleblower

Thank you Lin Wood, Garrett M. Ziegler and others for sharing the story of the Whistleblower aka Ryan Dark White, aka johnheretohelp.
03/31/2021 - NEW Matt Gaetz shares his side of the story!

03/03/2021 - #BREAKINGNEWS - Transcript Release of Interview with Whistleblower aka Ryan Dark White: ryandarkwhite.pdf

03/03/2021 - #BREAKINGNEWS - Audio Interview with the same Whistleblower aka Ryan Dark White, aka johnheretohelp: johnheretohelp.mp4

Q - What is true? What is false?

Q as is Q&A is Question. In recent years, Q is also a secret network of intelligence and counter intelligience. And there is ANON. Media lumps these and others under QANON. These links could be from Q or other interest groups. As Q in Q&A, question and research your own answers:
03/12/2021 - Maybe where conspiracy meets reality? Pizzagate, the Loch Ness Monster or a real cult of Human Trafficking?

The Eye of the Storm

Warning, planning, acting:


03/31/2021 - NEW Surviving the Modern Civil War - A Judeo-Christian Counter to the Art of War SurvivingtheModernCivilWar.pdf

03/31/2021 - NEW FEDERAL WHISTLEBLOWER EXPOSES - Chief Justice Roberts?

Political Pandemic and Bio Weapon?

LEAKED VAX BIO WEAPON: Pentagon Briefing
04/02/2021 - NEW Dr Naomi Wolf "Why Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery Forever". It is the same social credit system used to control and punish dissents in CPP China. Microsoft and SalesForce are pushing for this.

Tucker Carlson & Naomi Wolf

04/02/2021 - NEW General McLnerney-warns-people...we post this article for all those who think that the coronavirus vaccines’ warnings are nothing else but empty words! - TheTrueReporter

03/29/2021 - NEW Bannons War Room episode 832 and 833 - Birx and Fauci ties to CPP lab

Mental health Covid and Students Lockdowns

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