The COVID Experiment Crimes Against Humanity

Why are the vaccinated attacked by the variants? Dr. Michael McDowell: The Genetic Bioweapon, The Vaccine and COVID-19

Who is to blame for COVID 19 and its variants? Stew Peters Show: Vaxx Deaths 45,000 – CDC Whistleblower, Dr. David Martin Ends COVID Narrative

What have doctors learnt about COVID? Why are frontline doctors better able to treat patients and give you advise when it comes to dealing with the variants?

Why does the VAX (Virus Agent eXperiment) wipe out antibodies?

Canada, why is the policing response more brutal while the death count is lower than flu season?
#RebelNews #EzraLevant #SheilaGunReid

Why are Politicians "playing medicine"?
Dr. Roger Hodkinson vs Alberta Community and Public Service Committee

Why are Public Health Officials ignoring "the data (that) speaks the truth"?
Dr. Ryan Cole vs Public Health Officials

Why aren't public health directors listening to the scientists about Ivermectin?
Biologists Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying

Don't take human experimental VAX, why?
Dr. Michael Yeadon vs Emergency Use VAX

Why Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery Forever?
Dr Naomi Wolf vs CPP China, Microsoft and SalesForce

Why listen to Tyrant Fauci?
Dr Naomi Wolf vs Dr Fauci and his Police State

The VAX, chipped or tricked?
Magnets sticking to VAX shots?

How do COVID Lockdowns Affect Students Mental Health?


Why is VAX BIO WEAPON presented at Pentagon Briefing?
LEAKED VAX BIO WEAPON: Pentagon Briefing

What are Dr. Fauci's connections to Wuhan and the origins of COVID 19?
04/02/2021 - General McLnerney-warns-people...we post this article for all those who think that the coronavirus vaccines’ warnings are nothing else but empty words! - TheTrueReporter

03/29/2021 - Bannons War Room episode 832 and 833 - Birx and Fauci ties to CPP lab

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